Hi, I am Dmitry Borzov

I do software development and data analysis.

Keywords of the things I am into: network protocols, distributed algorithms, databases, machine learning.

Reach me at [email protected]

Open source projects

(also, see my github account page)

lsp: ls shell command alternative

ls reimagined for modern times, with friendlier notations, built-in awareness of things like git repos and various dotfiles file datatypes.

NetVis: a tool to visualize and understand networks

Translate your network logs to a simple JSON-based NetVis format and visualize the network events and communication in detail. Check out the demo. Built in coordination with IPFS team, NetVis is an indispensable tool when designing and developing network functionality on any level.

RusticSearch: a simple search engine server

It uses in-memory suffix array to lookup index entries. RusticSearch is minimalistic in design and perfect when adding simple search functionality where fancier solutions can be an overkill.


June 2016 Analysis of randomized algorithms (Part I)

Quantitative analysis of randomized algorithms may look intimidating, but a couple of simple tricks goes the long way. We look at how to build some intuition and understanding behind the algorithm’s performance using the quicksort as an example.

March 2016 Fixing jmeter’s java.security.cert.CertificateException error

A problem I had trying to make jmeter work on my machine and what fixed it

Dec 2015 Enabling iTerm’s Cmd+K hotkey for Cygwin shell with ConEmu

Reproducing iTerm’s Cmd+K in Windows Cygwin.

Jan 2015 Routing at Bittorrent: understanding Kademlia DHTs (Distributed Hash Tables)

Using NetVis framework to visualize algorithms behind Kademlia-styled DHT.

Dec 2013 Predecessor search for Big Data: x-fast tries, locality of reference and all that

Introduction to X-fast trie-style data structures.

Research papers

Here is the list of academic peer-reviewed research papers I coauthored: